Build the buzz

  • Your important company news will be distributed to hundreds of online China media, thousands of journalists, and available for millions of eager online readers.

Content distribution

  • Create a content marketing message, write a great press release, or submit your company's next promotion, and Isentia Wire both distribute your message and then monitors the impact.

Online visibility

  • Never miss an opportunity to deliver high- priority information to over 20,000 top Chinese journalists, with contact information, news beats, and more. Plus, we include over 10,000 records of media, public relations, and media service firms.

Media analytics

  • Provide you an ongoing media report to showcase where your press release has been picked up so you can track your own "ROM", Return-On-Message!


  • Consumers and businesses are buying and selling on the Internet, and gaining fantastic online visibility is the key to maximizing investments. Isentia Wire works with a network of influential news and media websites to push your corporate message in front of important decision makers.